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Growth and Coverage

InnovaSurgical has grown intrinsically over the past four years. Our staff is made up of full-time employees who live in central locations within all seven states we cover, offering constant support to the people and institutions we serve. And we have established relationships with over 200 hospitals and surgery centers and over 800 surgeons in the region.

Education and Ideas

To provide the best products we can, we align ourselves with the most reputable, state-of-the-art manufacturers. We have also partnered with local, regional and national Orthopedic Associations to support our continuing education program and host several local labs to teach healthcare providers the newest innovative surgical techniques. InnovaSurgical assists doctors, residents, fellows, and other health care professionals as they go through that training, so that they feel completely comfortable and confident with our tools in the operating room.

What’s more, InnovaSurgical keeps the communication lines open between doctors and manufacturers, so that feedback and new ideas can be shared and often fully developed. This arms doctors with the exact tools they need in the operating room and gives manufacturers the information they need to perfect their products.


Because we focus so much on service and educating ourselves and the people we work with, we have been nationally recognized as a top distributor and partner by one of the country’s most reputable Orthopedic manufacturers.

If you’d like to talk to InnovaSurgical about any part of our program, please email or call 617-515-3970.