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InnovaSurgical provides top-quality orthopedic products and equipment to both patients and physicians. But more than a provider, InnovaSurgical is a resource, opening the lines of communication between medical professionals, and manufacturers to aid in the development of new, better technologies.

Our goal is threefold:

  • Give doctors the tools, traning, and sounding board they need
  • Help manufacturers not only distribute, but perfect their products
  • Provide patients with the help they need so they can focus on healing

If you’re a medical professional, you’ll have access to a full-time, dedicated technician, who you can count on to take care of all the details so you can concentrate on doing your job with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. If you’re a patient, you’ll have someone to show you how to navigate the complex world of medicine so that you can focus on healing. And for both, it means you get the follow-up you need, questions quickly and accurately answered. It’s a commitment we have made to our clients since our inception.